Fat Ass & Chimpy

When you have a chronic back injury, you have two choices:

1) Resign yourself to being limited for the rest of your life.

2) Grab it by the balls and say, “Nope. You’re not going to stop me.”

I’ve chosen the latter.

Part of that choice has meant constantly exploring ways to “treat” the injury. In this series, I talk about working with both a chiropractor (Dr. Fat Ass) and a trainer (Chimpy).

Part 1: Meet the Cast | Where I give you the “back”ground of my injury, and why I call these guys Fat Ass & Chimpy

Part 2: Fun with S&M | Where I drag around chains and really, really like it

Part 3: The Mirror & The Sled | Where I have a breakdown but then get over it by not having fun in the snow

Part 4: Green Tea & the New (Old) Me | Where I have boundless energy and tap into my innate, long-bured kick-assedness

Part 5: The Look Says It All | Where I get scared and they look at me like, “Come on…”

Part 6: Say Yes to the Mess | Where things kind of fall apart but my boys are there to “back” me up

Part 7: Bike Me | Where my butt starts to break things

Part 8: The Lopsided Leopard | Where I kick ass but don’t realize it because I’m too busy kicking myself in the ass

Part 9: Keep it Loose to Get it Tight | Where I get steel tools rubbed all over my back and it’s awesome

Part 10: A New Normal | Where we say Thank You to Fat Ass and Chimpy