Thursday Thoughts

1} Is anyone else having trouble getting up the energy to do…well, anything? Ugh. My body is officially rejecting the time change, and its accompanying lack of sunlight. I wake up when it’s dark. I leave work when it’s dark. And it’s only going to get worse until December 21.

2} Which reminds me, I need to plant some paperwhite bulbs. It’s one of my favorite things to do this time of year, when everything seems so bleak and dark. A little bulb resting over stones, the water barely touching its tip. A green shoot. Then, one day, unexpectedly, a beautiful scent oddly powerful for such a small blossom. Hope. A reminder that the light will always come back.

3} Spatchcock. (Yes, spatchcock is a word. It’s so much of a word that my spell checker isn’t even underlining it with that terrible red line that likes to remind me I’m not as smart as I think I am.) As in, “poultry or game that has been prepared for roasting or grilling by removing the backbone, and sometimes the sternum of the bird and flattening it out before cooking”. I ordered chicken at a fancy restaurant the other night and when it arrived Sous Chef said, “Oh, they spatchcocked it” and for a moment I thought my dream had come true and we were living in London and he’d picked up a charming colloquialism.


4} Cats. My cats are so dang adorable. And now that the weather’s getting colder, they’re getting their thick undercoat that makes them especially puffy and the cutest of the cutest! They’re also constantly trying to find places to snuggle/cozy up inside. The other day, I was putting away groceries and turned back to my bag to find Dolce doing her trademark “spin and settle” – right inside the bag.

cat in a grocery bag

5} I’ve created a grab bag of all my workout DVDs. My plan is to randomly select a workout each day. Considering that I’ve got about 50 different workouts, all said and done, I think it will accomplish the variety my ADD needs to stay motivated!