Meal Plan Monday

Where did all the light go?

As much as I love this time of year – the festivities, the snuggling, the sugar and spice – I hate how dark it is. As soon as the day feels like it’s starting, it feels like it’s ending. It feels like there isn’t enough time – and yet, what the heck is time?

I had a very strong reaction to physically turning back the hands on the one non-digital clock we have in our home when daylight savings time came to an end. In that moment, I was keenly aware of how much of a human construct time actually is. It could be eight o-clock. It could be four. It could be eleven. It doesn’t really matter, does it? Time is time is nothing at all.

Do you see what the lack of sunlight does to me? I get so cranky and overly contemplative.

But oh, the holidays. How I love thee. Your music and sparkle and spices and indulgences and hugs and cozies. I’m going to make you last as long as I can. Because there’s never enough time with you.

Meal Plan

Monday: Buttermilk Granola Chicken with Broccoli

Tuesday: Dinner with a friend

Wednesday: Slow-Cooker Guinness Beef Stew (via America’s Test Kitchen)


Thursday: Vietnamese Pork Rolls with Carrot Slaw (via eMeals)


Friday: Breakfast for Dinner – Ham Steak with Apples (via eMeals) and Gluten-Free Blueberry Almond Pancakes (via Table for Two)