Thursday Thoughts

1} I just bought £44 of tea from Twinings’ UK site and agreed to pay a third more in international shipping. I swear it tastes different than the US version(s). Because that’s how much of a tea freak I am. (And yes, I had to look up how to make the British pound symbol on my keyboard. Option+3, y’all)

2} I’m really digging all these Curvy Girl-friendly Instagram accounts I’m coming across. It’s nice to see people like me in my social media feed.

3} I am doing a million and one things this week, and yet I feel like I’m getting nowhere. Is this just the annual Fall “squirrely” personality coming out – that drive to get everything done before the cold weather hits and it’s time to hibernate (or, if you’re a human, do even more than normal – because that’s natural)? Is anyone else experiencing the same sense of immediacy/lack of satisfaction?

4} I have zero plans for Halloween. I think I’m okay with it, though Sous Chef says we should at least try to do something. Our new chairs are supposed to come this week, so maybe we’ll end up relaxing in zero-gravity bliss for the day.

5} I am so into podcasts right now. I am listening to them whenever I can spare the brainpower. I’m discovering that the older I get, the less my brain can multitask. For example, I couldn’t be listening to a podcast and writing this post at the same time.

6} I literally just put two and two together this week and realized that Mac stands for Macintosh, and Macintosh is a variety of Apple, which is probably why Apple named their computer(s) Macintosh. I continue to amaze my friends and family with my incredibly belated brilliance.