Thursday Thoughts

1} We just finished watching the Harry Potter movies again, which means I’m about ready to start reading the books all over again. Reading and watching and reading and watching. It’s the best endless cycle ever.

2} I borrowed the Divergent series from my mother-in-law, but she couldn’t find Insurgent so I just had to stop after the first book like some sort of sad person. I realize I could just go down to the library and get a copy, but I feel like I need to borrow it from an actual person, I guess because that’s how I came to possess the other two books. Can anyone help me out?

3} I started re-reading Brave New World to keep my dystopian fantasy novel-reading muscles toned.

4} When I was four years old I had The Wizard of Oz movie memorized in its entirety, according to my parents. Today I saw this really cool story about “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – I’ve never heard someone break down a song note by note to explain the emotions the composer means to evoke. “We yearn for Oz; we’re stuck in Kansas.”

5} We experienced a cold snap recently, and the cats have responded by doubling in fluff and stuff overnight. I just want to bury my face in all that fur. I’ve started calling Dolce “Fluffernutter”.

6} Seriously – look how fluffy!!!!!: