Taking the iPlunge

It’s just so…pretty. It’s just so…easy to use. It’s just so…popular.

I’ve finally given in to the relentless pressures of mass marketing, pop culture, and – as much as I tried to fight it – undeniable compatibility.

I got an iPhone.

I’m overwhelmed by this tiny little computer that also lets me talk to people. You would think I’d just upgraded from a flip phone, I’m so nervous about it. Over a pint of pumpkin ale with a brand new acquaintance turned best friend just because she had an iPhone, I got a crash course in thumbprint security and that swiping up thing you can do to get to the camera when your phone is locked. Okay. I can do this.

The PC/Droid user in me has already started categorizing apps into folders, because I can not, will not, could never ever ever be okay with having pages and pages of disorganized icons strewn about that teeny tiny virtual desktop. There’s this communal computer at work with a desktop that it literally completely covered in shortcuts and icons, and I cringe every time I pass it to get to the copy machine.

I’ve decided that the only way to do this is to jump in the deep end; luckily, just about everyone else I know has an iPhone, so I’m sure they’ll teach me shortcuts and tricks and stuff. Buzzfeed has an article every week or so about one iPhone hack or another, so that’ll help too.

As if the Universe was giving me that little thumbs-up emoji, right after I got my new phone, I came across this article listing a bunch of mind-body podcasts to listen to. I’m gonna stream the heck out of them with my fancy new phone!

Time to enjoy the ride. And the pretty. It’s just so very pretty.

iphone screen