Meal Plan Monday

Leave it to me to start a new weekly blog feature and then promptly not post it the following week.

I have a good excuse, though. It was my birthday and I decided to go far away and do this:


So, you see, I was very very busy and therefore had every reason not to meal plan while I was gone.

Instead, I ate things like large pink donuts, lobster bisque, and homemade butterbeer cake. I also ate zucchini-noodle spaghetti and beet and arugula salads. I drank mango coladas, gin and elderflower cocktails, and lavender martinis. I also drank lots of water. It’s all about balance, after all.

Lazily floating in the pool one minute, walking ten miles around a theme park the next. Catching up on Disney movies followed by marathon Just Dance sessions.



This week, it’s back to basics. Lots of protein. Lots of vegetables. No sugar or alcohol (it’s probably a good thing that we couldn’t bring the leftover butterbeer cake on the plane).

We’ll also be re-watching the Harry Potter movies, giving the furbabies extra snuggles to make up for the time we were apart, and planning our next adventure.


Meal Plan

Spicy Baked Eggs (with pasta for Sous Chef, Veggeti for me) (via How Sweet It Is)

Slow-cooker Butter Chicken with Coconut Cauliflower Rice (via The Iron You)


Tuna Salad with grapes and almonds (via us)

“Caesar-y” Salad with eggs and Quorn nuggets (via us)

What are you having for dinner this week? Please comment with links so I can add them to my Pinterest boards!