The Adventures of Fat Ass and Chimpy, Part 4: Green Tea and the New (Old) Me

I wake up every day (as long as I’m eating well) with boundless energy. I want to move constantly. hate sitting for more than a few minutes. It’s like moving is heroin and I’m the biggest, baddest junkie this side of always.

Seriously. Look at me:

Powered by ME

I haven’t done this stuff in years. And it feels soooooooooo good.

I’m looking at food as fuel. ME. The one who used to polish off a sleeve of Oreos without looking back. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my indulgences, but the thought process around them has changed; if I’m weighed down by a heavy lunch, or feel puffy from too much sugar, I simply can’t do the things I want to do. Bottom line.

To quote my favorite green-skinned diva: Something has changed within me.

Speaking of green, let’s talk green tea. Dr. Fat Ass (and if you don’t know by now that I call him that in the most respectful and loving way possible, you need to read this) mentioned the Tegreen supplement to me a while back. I dabbled in it – a sampling here and there, and I liked the natural boost of energy it gave me, so I bought a month’s supply.
Well let me tell you.
Boundless energy – not the jitters or a jolt that leads to an inability to focus or sit – but like an unlocking of the potential we all store within our cells. Like a maid service went in there and scrubbed it down, polished it up, and set it free. I don’t hesitate to get up when I need something. It’s not an inconvenience when the remote control is across the room – it’s an opportunity. Even decision-making is easier – like my brain is more lubricated.
I’m telling you guys, this stuff is legit – I’m not the type of person to just blindly pop pills without looking into it first. But if you’re still not sure about it, Dr. Fat Ass has the credentials and the science to back it up. He wrote a whole blog post about the benefits of green tea and Tegreen, where he cites eight published studies on the topic.
If you’re interested in the product, or any other NuSkin products, (and you should be – because who doesn’t want to grab life by the cojones and say “I OWN YOU”?), let me know, and I will put you in touch with Dr. Fat Ass to learn more.

Now excuse me while I go conquer the world.