PiYo Day 56: Drench (and Done)

The tortoise has finally crossed the finish line.

And I gotta say, the tortoise feels pretty damn good about it.

To be here now, after more than two months of battling negative thoughts, pesky back pain, and faltering confidence, it feels really, really, really good to finish strong.

What a way to finish – with Drench, the longity-long-longest workout in the program. I really love the Flow section, though – it’s still hard for me to do PiYo pikes, so I just did more of the lunge/warrior/right angle/triangle series while Chalene and Co. bent themselves like sporty ballerinas on their yoga mats.

While I was doing that, I saw my shadow against the wall; the vertical blinds had painted black stripes onto the beige paint, and throughout the yoga movements, the shadows of my head and arm swayed gracefully among them. It was like watching a movie of myself. I love when you learn movements so well that they become beautiful.

By the end, Sous Chef was walking in the door after some grocery shopping. “I’ve only got three more minutes of PiYo!” I called to him, and that sentence was strangely surreal.

It’s hard to accept that I really did it. I haven’t really stuck to any fitness regimen except rowing, and that was mainly because if I didn’t show up at practice every morning, seven other rowers and a very angry coxswain would have been left at the water’s edge with nothing to do.

That’s accountability.

The encouragement and motivation from my Beachbody coach and our challenge group were absolutely pivotal to my success. I knew they were waiting for my blog post every day. Even when I had to take a break (or two) when my back injury flared up, Coach Lindsey continued to check in with me, almost every day, confident I would return when I was ready.

And I did, and now I’m done.

What I love most about PiYo? I can do it all over again whenever I want to. I can start from the beginning, or I can do the workouts randomly. I can do them in conjunction with another workout (like all those walks I love to go on), or I can do them exclusively.

I can make PiYo work for me. Just like Chalene says.

Thank you to everyone who followed along, whether it was here on my blog, on Instagram, or Facebook. You rock.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous
    December 4, 2014


    I am on the hunt for people and their results with PiYo…I am on day 4 and had a rough time with sweat today, not physically but mentally.

    I figured searching for others results might brighten up my spirit and Google brought me to this entry! Would you mind sharing a bit about your body transformation through PiYo? ^_^

    • December 5, 2014

      Mine hasn't been a total body transformation like you see in infomercials. PiYo did more for me mentally and in those invisible physical ways; I learned to persevere and go at my own pace, and to be okay with not "keeping up with the Joneses". My flexibility improved. My core strength improved. My stamina improved. To go from not being able to walk in February to finishing a workout program like PiYo seven months later was HUGE!

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