PiYo Day 55: Sculpt

For months, I’ve been trying to convince Sous Chef to try PiYo.

He knows it’s been kicking my ass, but I think he just assumed it was because my ass really needed some kicking. Just watching the DVDs, it doesn’t look like that difficult of a workout. Plus, Chalene, with her shiny hair and shiny smile, makes it look easy (as a good trainer does). He isn’t always in the room at the moments when Chalene gets real and says things like, “Ooooooh, Mommy!” or “That was the equivalent of an epidural” after a particularly challenging series.
I can’t blame Sous Chef for making assumptions, but I can try my best to prove him wrong.
Today, he finally gave in; Sous Chef’s recently started working out again (he’s doing P90X), and today we were in a time crunch and only had time for one DVD workout before we had to leave to go out of town for a family party. Since I’m so so so so so so close to being done with PiYo, I won!
I popped in the DVD, so proud that Sous Chef was finally going to experience PiYo. I’m proud of this workout. What a geek I am.
Half an hour of Sculpt later, and Sous Chef was eating his words. His legs were shaky, he was all kinds of sweaty. It was no joke.
“Now I get it,” he conceded.
Told ya.