PiYo Day 53: Core


Not sure what’s going on here. I’ve got so much energy today. Which makes no sense at all, because I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night. Nothing. I should have taken advantage of my insomnia by doing something constructive, like working on my coaching business or finishing my current re-read of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Instead I just lay there, hoping for sleep and staring at the ceiling.

I finally got up and went for a walk; I’m on a good streak right now of walking in the morning and PiYoing in the evening. It doesn’t leave much room for other hobbies, but if I don’t have my health, I can’t really do any other hobbies anyway; so I may as well make this one a priority.

I think the combination of walking and PiYo is working for some reason. Maybe the PiYo strengthens and tones, and the walking uses the strength and toning. Training and functionality combined. Is this what people talk about when they tout the benefits of cross-training?

Why does it take me so long – years and years sometimes – to figure this stuff out? No matter how many articles I read, or how many people give me advice, it always comes down to me fumbling through and figuring it out on my own.

It usually works that way when the tables are turned and I’m the one doling out the advice. I get so frustrated when I give a friend advice and they just…disregard it. Except I don’t think it’s really that they don’t listen. I think that it’s just much more memorable to fall on your ass and remember how sore it is than to have someone warn you not to fall on your ass because it will be sore.

Personal experience trumps even the wisest of advice.

Luckily, there was no falling on my ass today. I rocked Core today. Still mentally fist-bumping my girl Michelle the Modifier, and there are still some things I simply can’t do at this point because of my injury, but I still rocked what I could.

So pumped. I can’t believe it’ll all be over in a couple of days. For the first time, though, I know I’ll come back to this workout after this program is over.

It’s too much fun.