PiYo Day 52: Sweat

Hey, remember me?

Yeah, I’m that girl who rocked PiYo at the beginning and then hurt her back again so now she’s piddling out at the end of PiYo.

Or maybe I’m that girl who rocked PiYo at the beginning and then hurt her back again so now she’s kicking ass and finishing up – even though she’s a little late – instead of quitting.


Life will never allow you to stay on course – even for the few humans who are blessed with what can only be described as an “easy” life. At the end of the day, everybody hurts sometimes.

Hmm, someone should write a song about that.

On a side note, I do not recommend taking a week long, pasta- and cake-fueled break from PiYo. If you do have to take a break, try to limit it to just a couple of days, and fuel up on either cake or pasta. Or neither. Or, ideally, something that will actually make you feel good, and not like you are dying inside when you try to do down dog.

Today’s Sweat workout was tough; I felt about twenty pounds heavier than usual around my middle. I am getting this weird sensation lately. I seem to be toning up from my extremities inwards; my lower legs and arms are feeling stronger and more toned, but then you get to my middle (basically from my waist to my knees) and it’s like, “I know you’re in there somewhere underneath all these hot beige pillows.”

I can tell that my glutes and hamstrings are more toned, but it’s like they’re ceding away from my fat pillows and forming their own healthy sovereign nation. There’s a weird sense of space between the two.

Have any of you experienced this, or am I having some sort of hallucination brought on by birthday candle-blowing hyperventilation and overexcitement?

It’s weird. I’m still out here on my little island of Late Finishers. I’ve only got a few more days of PiYo left; and even though that means there are only a few Post-its left on the calendar, I can’t tell you what day I’ll finish. Because I might be delayed by back pain. Or by a day so beautiful, so brilliant, that I can’t help but go outdoors and enjoy it instead of working out inside. Or by a birthday or five (yes, we have five family birthdays in September, including my own).

What I can tell you is that I will finish. Eventually.

And when I do, all of these posts will be wrapped up in a nice little bow on a special page, so only people who really take the time to read them (and their published dates) will figure out that Life got in my way a little bit on this journey.

Thanks for sticking around.

PiYo on.