PiYo Day 51: Buns

Happy BUNSday to me!

Today is my birthday, which means that I will possess birthday magic for the entire day and am virtually invincible. Life will come easy. No challenge will be too difficult to overcome. Happiness and prosperity will ensue.

And there’s cake.

I woke up this morning thinking that I might treat myself to a workout-free day. What better way to start off the festivities than to sleep in a little later, take my time in the morning, and not get all hot and sweaty?

Then, another thought occurred to me: what if I looked at my workout as a treat? As a way to kickstart my day, to add another notch to my healthy belt? To do at least one thing today that is propelling me in the direction I want – a healthy life.

So I did Buns.

So glad I did. Now I know that no matter what else I do today – no matter the indulgences, the off-trackedness, the celebration – I have done something good for myself.

And that feels pretty dang good.