PiYo Day 50: Drench

Didn’t we already cover this?

Hour-long workouts are not cool on a Monday. Mondays can suck it; especially when Drench is involved.
Oh well, I rocked it anyway. Well, sort of – I had to modify quite a bit and even had to skip down dogs completely. My back just isn’t letting me do those right now. Hopefully whatever kink this is will work itself out so I can get back to pointing my ass straight up in the air like all classy women do.
This morning started out with a walk – can you believe the weather today (well, at least the weather in the mid-Atlantic)? Such a change from the disgustingly muggy rest of the weekend, today was refreshing with low humidity and a cloud cover. A sign of the impending Autumn, with its crunchy leaves and creamy pumpkin treats. I couldn’t help but go for a walk as soon as I woke up today.
It felt so good.
I came home today feeling quite energized. I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe it was the walk, maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the full moon. I’m trying not to overthink it and instead simply be grateful for the burst of motivation.
Despite the modifications, I still got a really good workout today with Drench. I felt balanced and my core felt good, though by the middle it was pretty fatigued – I had to be extra careful not to let my core engagement lapse.
I finished off the evening with a clean, healthy meal – bulgogi-style ground turkey over lettuce with cucumbers and just a bit of rice.

Good day. I’ll take it.