PiYo Day 43: Sculpt

This has been an interesting week; since I decided/discovered/hypothesized that much of my back pain is due to my left hip anteversion, I’ve been really focused on trying to strengthen my glutes during PiYo.

As much as this program already works the glutes, when you consciously focus on them, it’s absolutely amazing how much of a difference it makes. I’ve basically been walking around with a sore ass all week because of it.

I didn’t work out this morning (I made an executive decision to snuggle with my sweetie instead), but I popped in that DVD at eight thirty tonight, fully intending to complete Sculpt.

My back had other plans.

We’d been shopping earlier in the evening, and my back was definitely feeling tweaky during that portion of my day; I was wearing the flats I wore to work, and as cute as they are, they’re certainly not known for their cushioning support. By the third store, my entire lower half was aching and I just needed to go home.

You’d think that would have been a clue that maybe a workout wasn’t the best decision. I can be so stubborn sometimes.

I got through the warm-up just fine – I felt energized and invigorated. The first series of leg work was fine, too. But that very first down dog…

“Nope,” said my back. It seized up in such an unexpected way that I immediately stopped and lay down on my back, willing my muscles to calm down and not completely spasm. It seemed to work, and I mentally calmed myself down enough to do the pushup series at the end of Sculpt.

Everything in the middle is a blur of anxiety, Chalene’s voice, and the nail pops on my ceiling.

I iced my back, read some Harry Potter, and now I’ve gone to bed. I’ll spend the night spooning Sous Chef (which doubles as extra support for my back when I’m lying on my side), and I’ve made a promise to try again in the morning.

As long as I’m trying, I am succeeding.