PiYo Day 41: Drench

Drench is the devil in yoga pants.

I heard from a fellow Instagrammer that they tape a piece of paper over the clock so that they can’t tell how much time is left; I think I might employ this tactic.

Because at about twenty minutes in, I’m pretty much ready to be done. And that dang clock still says 30:00. Uuuuuuuuugh.


When that clock eventually does get down to zero (which, miraculously, it always does), it’s a really, really good feeling. There’s something significantly satisfying about finishing a fifty minute workout as opposed to a twenty minute one. Yep, it was that much harder…and I rocked it.

I’m still doing tons of modifications and even making up my own moves to replace those that I can’t do; for example, I can’t do the beast mode right now. But I can do pushups and hold plank position while Chalene and Co does beast mode. And that’s okay.

This is what the Drench workout has become for me; because it’s so long, I have more time to really gauge what my body is doing, how it’s feeling, what it needs. I felt like I had all the time in the world today to transition through the movements, because hey, even if I miss a set or two, I still had another forty-five minutes of activity where I didn’t.

I found myself watching Michelle the Modifier more today for some reason. I really like how gentle she is with her body; I realize that it’s partially because her role in this program is to show you how to be gentle – that’s what modification is all about. But she takes it a step further; it’s as if she has figured out a way to demonstrate patience. I’m not sure how else to describe it. Watch her tomorrow and tell me if you see it too.

I’m going to go be a little more gentle with myself for the rest of the day. Try that on for size.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

P.S. If your name is Morgan and you sent me a message asking me about coaching, the answer is Yes. I tried responding but the reply email address didn’t work. Please message me again and I’ll talk to you more about it!