PiYo Day 39: Sculpt

Whew! Nothing like Sculpt to make you think that squats are a form of resting.

I don’t know how she does it.

I approached Sculpt today with a new set of eyes; it recently dawned on me that much of my back issue may actually have more to do with my congenital hip anteversion (a trait that I’ve spent the last thirty-odd years writing off as nothing more than a physical quirk) than my back itself. I still have much more research to do (I’ve only read a couple of articles on it), so naturally I am jumping to conclusions and applying this theory wholeheartedly to my entire life.

Look before you leap? Nah, that’s for people with more patience and less ADD.

Today when I did Sculpt, I allowed my left foot/leg/hip to take its natural position; for example, during the bowler’s lunges I angled my foot inward, instead of trying to keep it straight like Chalene does. At first I thought I was “cheating” – it didn’t feel nearly as awkward as before (because apparently the more awkward a position, the better the workout?). Right when I was doubting my decision, Chalene piped up (as she does): “If something doesn’t feel right, then adjust your body until it does. No two bodies are the same.”

Amen, sister. Story of my half-pigeon-toed life.

I’ve read that since you can’t really fix hip anteversion, you have to do exercises to help your leg muscles compensate for the limited range of motion. That means training the “posterior chain” – basically, the back side of you. That means your lower back muscles, glutes, hamstrings, etc. I found this article online and nearly cried – it was like reading my life story, except now I’m even more confused about how my bum hip is supposed to ever work properly.

Oh, and this means Dr. Fat Ass was right. Dammit. It’s not that I don’t want him to be right, I just can’t help but think that he thinks I am a fat, lazy slob who got this injury due to a lifelong lack of physical activity. Perhaps I need to remind him that the first time my back went out was when I was rowing for two hours six days a week

Oh well, onward an upward. I’ve got some studying to do.