PiYo Day 37: Core

I’m ba-aaaaaaaack…

…I think.

After more than a week of nursing my pesky lower back, I woke up this morning just craving PiYo. I’ve missed how strong it makes me feel, and I’ve definitely missed the feeling of starting my day with exercise.

It’s always hard returning to exercise after my disc flares up; I’m always afraid that it’s “too soon” and I’ll aggravate it even more. So far, I’m doing pretty well today.

The stronger my core and back muscles get, the more I am starting to think that the majority of my history of back problems has been cause not directly by my back, but by my left hip. As Lady Gaga likes to remind us, Baby, I was born this way – with a hip that’s turned inwards, so when I am resting (say, lying down on my back), my left foot wants to naturally turn inward. If I’m on a flat surface, like the floor, it’s sort of uncomfortable all the way up my left leg – like I can’t completely relax and my outer hip is being pulled in the wrong direction. My mother tells me that when I was a baby, my left leg always wanted to stick out; she’d swaddle me, and pop! my little leg would peak out from the blanket.

I find it both sad and absolutely hilarious that I haven’t made this connection until now. All my life, whenever I wear a skirt, if I don’t constantly adjust it, it twists around the more I walk, until the front is resting on my hip. When I wear sneakers, the tie of the left shoe migrates from the center outwards, no matter how many double or triple knots I put in it. If I am standing and keep my feet planted, I can turn my whole body to the left but my left foot stays put, and sometimes I don’t even notice until I look down and see my left toes pointed at a perfect 90-degree angle to the sole of my right foot. I’ve always laughed at it.

Of COURSE, if your hip (and all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that run through it) are being constantly pulled in the wrong direction, it’s going to throw things off.

But now what do I do about it? How do you fix an issue that came with you in your original packaging?

Dr. Fat Ass says that the body has an amazing way of adapting – that even if I do have this…whatever you would call this, that my body can compensate. But now I’m thinking, Yeah, it compensates by putting too much pressure and torque on my back!

I’m not sure what the answer is; if any of you have any suggestions, I welcome them wholeheartedly. Have you ever heard of someone with this condition?

Until then, I guess I’ll PiYo on.


  1. April 21, 2015

    Have you ever tries pilates on a reformer? Physical therapy?

    From what I have seen, I truly believe the body is beyond powerful that we allow it to believe. Cases of back pain, especially, make me open up my heart, from this post I assume you have been learning how to maintain the pain it which is great.

    Let's call him my nonboyfriend, has learned how to manage his back pain (could be more effective, but no ones asking me) after doctor's which not so great bedside manners basically told him he would have to deal degenerative disc disease, and couldn't be an electrician anymore, or go riding, or just do anything. I mean you have to break that to a person but that and other things…led to this worse, worser thing. From seeing him go to somewho who felt like they had no purpose anymore, to lifting at the gym way beyond a reasonable amount of weight, just because he can, and continue dirt biking it is my opinion he's accepted the pain and would rather risk getting hurt than being told he can't do things he loves, probably in a way trying to prove those doctors wrong. If only his mindset was in the right place on a daily basis hence the nonboyfriend part.

    I had the best physical therapist, who truly changed my life. I had to drag him to appointments but overall they helped him too, at least thats where he found someone who approached his back differently. They truly understood everything he had to go thru. I never regularly did the exercises for my shoulder and thoraric spine but I've strengthen the muscles but I have no where near chronic pain or flare ups.

    • April 23, 2015

      Marylud, I've tried so many things LOL! I have found a good balance between regular chiropractor visits and keeping active – sometimes just walking on the treadmill, sometimes more. I am finding that I need to listen to my body and my intuition, and above all, KEEP MOVING. Thanks for reading!

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