PiYo Day 29: Sculpt

Sous Chef and I have a saying for when we just can’t get into something – say, we’re at a party and just can’t put on that social smile, can’t pretend to be interested in small talk:

“I can’t get it up.”
Yes, of course, we all know what that usually means. But isn’t that just the perfect way to sum up when you can’t get in the mood for other things in life? Maybe you really, really want to enjoy the party, but you’re distracted by something else and can’t pull yourself away from it. Or you really want to work on organizing that office closet, but you just don’t have the energy to tackle it today.
You can’t get it up.
Well, today, I couldn’t get it up for Chalene.
This time, it wasn’t a matter of overthinking – I’ve been doing really well at just doing it. Yesterday’s workout was amazing.
Today, my energy was nonexistent. My body felt thirty pounds heavier. I was dragging myself through down dog – and that was terrible for my back. Tricep pushups? Please.
I just couldn’t get it up.
Maybe it’s because I had Taco Bell for dinner last night.
Oops – did I let that slip? Yup.
I now have direct evidence that a dinner of Taco Bell does not, in fact, properly fuel one’s body for an early morning workout twelve hours later.
And now we’re going to move on. File it away, learn from it. Move on.
See you bright and early tomorrow.
P.S. How’s this for a sign that not thinking so much is the way to go? Look what came up on my Instagram feed this morning: