PiYo Day 27: Strength Intervals

Oh dear God.

Here we go again.

Strength Intervals.

Remember the last time I did this one (which was also the first time)? I thought I might die. I spent the entire twenty minutes switching between exclamations of “Are you effing kidding me?” and “Chalene, you are a tricky, tricky beast.”

Well, despite my certainty that I would cease to breathe right there on the spot, I lived to PiYo another day, and then another, and another, and then a couple more, and now I’m right back here again.

As I pulled off the Post-it note this morning, and my sleep-bleary eyes focused on the name of today’s workout, I swear this started playing in my head:

My thoughts tend toward the dramatic. As if you didn’t already know that.

As much as I wanted to begin stressing and contemplating how I’d get through the workout, how tough it would be, I remembered my pledge for this week: no thinking, just living.

So I popped in the DVD, and I just started moving.

Good gracious.

It was still hard – very challening. But with those anxious thoughts quieted, it was more peaceful than before. My thoughts didn’t hearken back to a previous, more fit version of myself, they didn’t pine for an unknown future version of myself.

I was just in my living room, doing PiYo, trying not to step on my cat.

Bliss. And fun!


P.S. Has anyone else been having knee issues this week? I can’t help but notice that my knees are just plain sore the last few days. I wonder if maybe I’m not squatting or lunging correctly. I try to keep my knee over my ankle and the weight in the heel of my foot, but they are still sore. I’m icing my knees right now, just like the fat people on Biggest Loser do. I always wondered why they all had to ice their knees. Now I guess I know.