PiYo Day 25: Drench

My first thought when I got up this morning: Oh good God, it’s Drench day.

I knew it was coming, thanks to a couple of warning posts on the PiYo Push Facebook page. Okay, maybe “warning” sounds a bit harsh; the heads up (that’s better) was given in a very congenial manner. But the tone was definitely “Hold on to your yoga mats, chicas, ‘cuz it’s about to get real.”

I’m not sure what I expected before this workout started, but after being surprised by Strength Intervals the other day, I pretty much knew to expect the unexpected.

Warming up, I was immediately struck by two things:

1. Chalene’s tank top: I have got to get myself one.

2. My muscles, stiff and sleepy from eight hours in bed, were relieved when I started moving them. Especially my shoulders – every time I fanned my arms, my shoulder blades breathed a little “Ahhhh”. I didn’t see that one coming, that’s for sure.

Above, center: The tank top I must have. Above, left: MINDY’S BACK!!

My body is starting to crave exercise! Hooray!

Um, before I go any further, can we talk about something?

MINDY CAME BACK!! I haven’t seen her in, like, five years – ever since I first jumped on the Chalene Machine with Turbo Jam. It was awesome to see Mindy again. Mindy, the original Modifier! On a side note, I don’t think Mindy’s tank top fit right – it was bunched together and tied in the back. But leave it to Mindy to be all, “No sweat. I’ll rock this shit even if I do have a knot of fabric digging into my back.” I love Mindy.

I both loved and hated this workout. It’s easily twice the length of the average PiYo workout, so that means I spent twice as much mental energy telling myself over and over again that just because I can’t keep up doesn’t mean I am failing. (Silly negative thoughts.)

On the other hand, I loved how it was broken up into different sections, focusing on cardio, stretching, strength, and power all in one workout. It’s a one-stop shop for feeling awesome!

I still am not at the point that I can really feel it. I hear Chalene say things like, “I’m so proud of you,” and there’s a part of me that says, “She wouldn’t really be proud. She’d probably kick my ass for resting so much during that last series.”

I’m not saying this to get pity points; it’s truly what goes through my head. This constant attempt to balance pushing myself with also being kind to myself and patient with myself is freakin’ exhausting. Holding back to avoid injury but not beating myself up about it.

I hate that it’s going to take me longer to see results than someone who doesn’t have to deal with a back injury. I want nothing more than to throw myself into these workouts with such abandon that I come out on the other end having worked so hard that I feel like I’m going to throw up. (You know, the feeling you get right before the highest workout high of your life.)

But I can’t. And that kinda sucks.

Still, at least I’m here. Day 25, people. That’s huge. HUGE.

I’ll take it.