PiYo Day 9: Define: Lower Body (and #Gratituesdays!)

I’ll admit, when I first pulled back the Post-It tab and saw that we were doing Lower Body yet again, I was a little disappointed.

I’m so freakin’ fickle. I need near constant stimulation, to feel like something is NEW or EXCITING or SHINY. Sous Chef deserves an award for dealing with this side of me at times.

Forget the fact that I have nowhere near mastered this DVD yet; I still modify like a caffeinated adverb and have yet to keep up with the pace of the workouts for fear of disengaging my core and crumpling to the floor in a quivering mess of lumbar pain.

I wanted something new this morning and I didn’t get something new and waaaaaahhhhh #FirstWorldProblems

So I did Define: Lower Body again, and oh my goodness, I had a breakthrough.

I was able to lift my leg off of the ground for Warrior 3. Oh, Warrior 3, how I have loathed thee. Ye test my disc and ye test it greatly.

You best watch out, Warrior 3, because I’m coming to get you! Michelle the Modifier and I are going to beat you!

So today, I’m grateful for being forced to be patient. For being forced to repeat. Because in repetition there is progress, there is peace, and there is focus.

And today, there is celebration.