PiYo Day 8: Sweat

Hey, who decided it would be a good idea to create a series of exercise movements which would make it feel like someone was stabbing me in the tookus?

Oh, that’s right, Chalene did. =)
Welcome to Week 2 of PiYo!

Anyone else out there playing along with this PiYo challenge? Does the series of lunges/warrior 3/three-point balance/runner’s balance absolutely kill your tushie as much as it does mine?

On a happier note, though, my glutes are lookin’ fine.
I still have to modify like a mad woman, but even with the modifications I can tell why they call this workout Sweat – you’re constantly moving, constantly engaging your core, and constantly strengthening, lengthening, and amping up your heart rate!
My back is hanging in there for now, though it’s definitely touchy. It’s acting like a toddler who’s due for a nap – a little cranky, a little whiny, and never letting me forget for too long that he’s not very happy about it.

I am still holding on to the faith that this discomfort is temporary; that it’s going to take time, time, and a little more time for my back to both strengthen and loosen up. Dr. Fat Ass has told me that given the nature of my injury, I will have flare-ups of pain throughout my life; I will never be entirely pain-free.

The bright side: the more I strengthen my core now, the shorter those flare-ups will be. The quicker my recovery will be. And the sooner I can get back to living and loving life.

That’s kinda the whole point.

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  1. July 15, 2014

    I've been loving your daily posts! So great to see you so motivated (and it's motivating me, too!)

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