PiYo Day 7: Define: Upper Body

I woke up today and my back was whining at me.

Waaaaahhhhh! I’m tight and sticky and swollen!

There are a number of factors which I know are contributing to this spinal tantrum, and I believe the strongest of those factors is this: I haven’t been walking.

After my 17-mile walking event, I took the following week off. That’s exactly what you’re not supposed to do; go from huge amounts of activity to a screeching halt. But my legs were sore, then my back was sore, and I…just…didn’t walk much.

Then I started PiYo on Monday; and in my head, I replaced walking with PiYo. A full-on switcheroo. Because apparently, I can’t do more than one workout at once?

Well that’s gotta change.

Dr. Fat Ass‘s voice keeps ringing in my head: “The body was made to move. The worst thing you can do when you have a disc injury like yours is to stop moving.”

So what did I do? I stopped moving.

Excuse my while I go accept my Nobel Prize for Sadly Twisted Logic.

This morning, I took my tight, sticky, immobile back for a walk. In the late morning. In July. In Maryland. To put it lightly, I was not happy. Humidity and I do not get along.

But I knew my spinal tantrum was stronger than my stubborn refusal to acclimate to Mid-Atlantic summers. So on a walk I went.

As soon as I got home, I did the Day 7 PiYo workout. My back felt a little looser, but I still did tons of modifications (I modify even more than Michelle does!). Any position where my back is curled and I’m asked to extend a leg just ain’t happening. It may never happen, but I guess I’ll deal with that if and when I have to. For now, the word I live by is: Modify.

The biggest goal is to lose weight – to take the extra pressure (which I feel even more now that I’m engaging my core and can feel the extra fat literally tugging on my ab muscles all day long) off so that my core can focus on its true purpose – to support my injured back.

The next biggest goal is to be strong and healthy; to be able to do those daily functions smoothly and without pain.

The daily goal: Get that clock down to 00:00. That’s it.

Oh, and to go for a walk. Geez, almost forgot that one.

Be well.

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  1. July 14, 2014

    My challenge starts tomorrow!! Keep up the great work!

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