PiYo Day 3: Define: Upper Body

Hooray, Day 3! We’re a little over 5% of the way there! (It’s an 8-week program).

Yesterday I was definitely a little tweaky in the back. It wasn’t exactly pain, but it wasn’t exactly just muscle soreness, either. I also noticed a little nerve tingling in my right foot, which I haven’t felt in several months.

When I woke up this morning, the tingling had subsided, so I decided to move forward and do day 3 of the PiYo program. I definitely took it easy – followed Michelle the entire time, didn’t even try to do the intermediate or advanced moves. And I certainly didn’t get in all the sets – I spent more time aligning myself and checking to see that my core was engaged. I felt bad about that at first, but I told myself to be patient – I’m brand new at this, and I need to make sure I’m doing it right.

As I mentioned yesterday, I believe the toughest part of this challenge is going to be stopping myself. Limiting myself. It’s weird to take that approach when I live my life by the motto that there are no limits.
While that’s a great approach, and it’s gotten me through my fair share of heartache and pain, I think it’s important to encase your limitlessness within a Bubble of Responsibility. Trek across the Andes, but for God’s sake, train your body to handle it. Pursue your dream of opening a 24-hour combination florist and frozen yogurt shop, but go in with a plan so you don’t go completely bankrupt.
Be limitless – within your current limits.
If I’m going to get through this without re-injuring my back, I’m going to have to take it in baby steps. Do the modifications. Rest. If I feel my core weaken or my alignment go off, I need to stop and reset.
It’s incredibly frustrating to be so mentally motivated, raring to go, completely gung ho, and then have to sit on the sidelines and watch someone else effortlessly do what you’re trying to accomplish. But that’s exactly what I have to do in order to succeed at this.
Have faith that I will get there. That I really am limitless.
And that’s what makes it okay to be limited now.