PiYo Day 24: Buns

I never thought a simple squat would seem like a rest. And then I started PiYo.

It’s amazing how Chalene has mastered the ability to use your own body weight and self-imposed resistance to get a kick-ass workout. No equipment needed. It’s pretty awesome.

The beauty of using Post-its to cover up the workout calendar is that every day is a surprise.

The downside to using Post-its to cover up the workout calendar is that every day is a surprise.

People on the PiYo Push Facebook page spoke of Week 4 in a rather foreboding, “ye best beware” kind of way, and now I know why. My back is definitely wondering what the hell I’m doing:

“Hey, I just got better. You better watch it.”

I’m trying, dear Back, I’m trying. Core tight, modifying like crazy, icing when necessary, Advil and Tramadol only if I really need it.

So far, so good.

Dr. Fat Ass says that with the type of back injury I have, it’s a given that I’ll have setbacks. The only thing I can do is strengthen and condition my body to respond to a setback by bouncing back more quickly. My core is like the National Guard – it has to be ready to attend to an emergency at a moment’s notice.

I truly believe that the PiYo program is a way of sending reinforcements to my core corps. I keep telling myself, in the midst of the most challenging sections of the workout, that everything I’m doing, no matter how slowly, no matter how modified, is something. It’s better than nothing.

It’s better than arriving at the front lines with nothing to defend yourself.

Every day, it’s about getting that clock down to zero.

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  1. July 31, 2014

    You're doing a great job! Your description of some of the workouts had me ROLLING ! Some of my friends and I are in a challenge group (doing PiYo) and we were DYING after reading your posts! Keep on doing what you're doing… Every day you will get stronger!

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