PiYo Day 22: Sweat

Wait a minute – didn’t we just do this workout?

Oh yes, we did. And then we almost died, and now we’re back to doing this one again.

Chalene, you are a perky blonde drill sergeant! (P.S. I love you)

I haven’t been terribly motivated this week; the results I was seeing have kind of tapered off; I’m still getting toned and firm, but the initial woosh of results is behind me (I think). Weight loss definitely isn’t happening this week. I’m trying harder, yes, but that’s also making my back more sore, which of course sets off all kinds of alarm bells.

And those pesky negative thoughts are coming back, too. I was able to keep positive the first couple weeks because it was entirely new; it was a whole new challenge, a whole new hurdle. Just the fact that I was trying was something to be proud of.

But now, we’re almost a month in. According to my flawed thinking, I should have mastered everything by now; it shouldn’t be a challenge. I should be saying, “I’m a beast. Next!”

But that’s not how lifelong fitness works, does it? You’re always looking for the next step, the next workout, the next way to push yourself.

So how are you ever satisfied?

If this is a neverending quest, how do I keep myself motivated along the way, knowing full well that I will never “get there” – because there isn’t a “there” to get?

Do I just take it one day at a time? One workout at a time?

How do you set your sights on a goal when the goal doesn’t end?