PiYo Day 20: Sweat

Sous Chef woke me up today all in an adorable tizzy:

“I want to go across the street to the place where they sell the coffee and the sweet round things with holes in them but I don’t want to mess up your Shakeology routine…”

He was planning on making a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, and the sweet round things with holes in them (you probably call them donuts). I responded as well as I could first thing in the morning:

“You’re the sweetest. Get me a blueberry one!”

He was like a kid on Christmas morning, practically skipping out the door to go get it. For some people, stopping by the donut shop, even on a weekly basis, is routine – it’s just what you do, a way to treat yourself on the weekend. But for us, even though it’s mere steps from our home, it’s a huge treat. We almost never go there.

Even through my grogginess, I knew I would have that one donut, and I would have my Shakeology shake. And that would be it. And there was a certain amount of peace around that decision made in my semi-conscious state.

I got up, fully conscious-ized myself, and did the Sweat workout.

They’re getting harder.

Afterwards, I was thoroughly spent, sweaty, and already a bit sore. I asked Sous Chef, “Why is this getting harder?”

His reply:

“You’re probably trying harder.”

He’s right. The first week (at least) was learning curve time. Now, I’ve done several of the workouts enough that I know what’s coming. I can set myself and my modifications up better so I can actually fit in more of the workout.

I’m moving more, and doing more, and (hello!) it’s more challenging because of that.

Boy, this working out for reals thing really is a journey.

And the donut was delicious.