PiYo Day 17: Core

Let’s talk about today.

To begin with, I overslept. I could only do fifteen minutes of the Core workout before I had to stop, or I would’ve had to go to work all sweaty and stinky and I just don’t think that’s proper workplace etiquette.

I fully intended to finish Core when I got home today, but I forgot that I had a HoCoBlogs party right after work, and by the end of it, my back was starting to get super-tweaky. So no finishing for me.

But Sous Chef and I did have to run from the Mall to the car to avoid an impending rainstorm which was dropping HUGE raindrops – they were so big they were literally splashing on my skin and the pavement under my feet. Craziness.

So that was kind of a workout.

I’m hoping this isn’t a precursor to the usual outcome of starting a new workout program; the point where I get injured and have to stop. The Buns workout yesterday worked the areas that are directly connected to my back injury; when my hamstrings and glutes get tight or fatigued, they get lazy and my back has to step up and work double duty. And considering that a piece of my disc is just floating around in there, that’s not a good thing.

So I have to strengthen my glutes and hamstrings, but have to be careful not to overwork them to the point that they move strain over to my back.

It’s a delicate balance.

The movements are becoming a little easier, so I’m pushing myself a bit farther, and I have to be careful to still make sure my core is fully engaged. When I do that, it goes right back to really challenging again.

It’s weird, this “hard-easy-hard-easy” cycle. I’m not used to it. But I think that’s the way it needs to be.

So here’s to learning new routines. And making them routine.