PiYo Day 16: Buns

You ready for a play-by-play? I like to call this little rundown a…wait for it…


Equipment menu: I don’t need a yoga mat? Why don’t I need a yoga mat? This is so exciting and at the same time a bit unsettling.

T-10: Shakeology. Yum.

T-0: They’re wearing shoes! I want to wear shoes!

(Pause while I put shoes on)

Chalene’s intro: I wonder if I’ll ever be able to wear shorty short shorts like that without looking like my legs are two sausages that have burst forth from their Spandex casings.

-24:54: Wow, my legs are really starting to look better. At least from the knee down; the thigh area
still resembles afore-mentioned sausages.

-23:54: Only ¾ of the way up? Oh, Chalene, you sneaky sneak you…


-19:26: I love you, Michelle the Modifier. You make modified burpees look easy, though they are far from it.

-17:41: I wonder at exactly which point in the day today my legs will decide they’d no longer like to support my body weight. Perhaps at the copy machine?

-14:56: Anyone passing by my condo door right now will think that there is an expletive-shouting gorilla paying me a visit today.

-13:46: I love when Chalene almost loses count or almost messes up a move, because it means she’s working just as hard as the rest of us.

-11:41: Have I mentioned that I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night because I accidentally ingested a quarter cup of coffee?

-11:36: Why does she say we’re done when we’re really not done at all?

-9:34: Does anyone else have a problem keeping their core tight and breathing at the same time? Seriously asking here. I feel like I need a Bethany the Breathifier sitting next to Michelle the Modifier.

-6:51: Why hello, YoDo.

Chalene’s legs do not look like escaped sausages

-4:54: Definitely feeling it in my back more than my glutes. Let’s modify the modification! Tiny little movements now, bigger movements when I’m ready, HUGE results the whole way through.

-2:53: Oh…ooh…I think we’re just stretching now! Just stretching! The clock thingee changed and now it’s just counting down and Chalene is starting to talk about other things! I think this is IT!

-1:59: Hey! I have a quad muscle!

-1:40: Damn straight I have a ton of muscle in my legs. I have a ton of everything in my legs. As a particularly precocious three-year-old student once told me, “Mrs. B, you a whole lotta woman!

-0:10: Chalene’s going to send me a free t-shirt?!?!

+0:30: Nice job, Beachbody…way to have a Brazilian Butt Lift ad air right after the Buns workout!