PiYo Day 15: Define: Upper Body

Does anyone else think that someone needs to pull Monday aside and tell it to stop being such an asshole?

I really dislike Mondays. Especially when my cat wakes me up in what I think is the middle of the night Sunday, jumping four feet into the air off of my night table in an attempt to get the bat outside the window, only to hear Sous Chef say “It’s okay, I have to get up anyway,” which means it is not in fact the middle of the night – I’ve only got about an hour left to sleep. During which, said cat will be making every attempt to exact her revenge on me for interrupting her bat-catching by running up and down the hallways, pouncing on my face, and batting at the blinds.

I do not. Like. Mondays.

I really think our society would be just as productive, if not more so, with a four-day work week. We’d have an extra day to devote to our personal lives/everything other than work, so we could arrive fresh and rejuvenated on Tuesday. But then would everyone start hating Tuesdays?

I think maybe I just don’t like working.

Luckily, Chalene’s sixth sense told her that my cat would be especially vengeful this morning, so all we had to do was 20 minutes of Upper Body today. A nice way to ease ourselves into the work week while feeling like complete beasts at the same time.

I found today’s workout to be more challenging, and I’m not sure why. My body seemed heavier, even though I’m (hallelujah!) finally starting to see the number on the scale move down after being stuck at my starting weight for nearly the entire first two weeks of the PiYo program (I put on muscle faster than a steroid-ravaged bodybuilder, so it takes a while to see the scale go anywhere. Why did God play the cruel joke of having muscle weigh WAAAAAY more than fat?).

I think the main reason it was harder today is because yesterday I pushed it a little far doing “normal” activities. You know, if you consider standing on a teetering stool holding the ten-pound motor mechanism for a ceiling fan above your head for several excruciating minutes “normal”. Which I do not

I pushed through the workout this morning, though, and was able to keep up a little better this time, without sacrificing form. I’m learning to like the tricep pushups, although as far as I’m concerned, full side planks can suck it. I can’t wait until the day I teach them who’s boss.

Take that, you stupid Monday. Hoo-rah.

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