PiYo Day 11: Define: Upper Body

After the challenge of a new workout yesterday, I was happy to see this friend again – the Upper Body workout.

Anyone else afraid of killing themselves during those V-sit roll-ups? No? Just me? Well then.

So yes – the roll-ups. Or as I like to call them, the “My-hands-are-on-the-ground-supporting-me-the-whole-time-because-if-I-try-to-roll-up, my-legs-snap-out-and-my-back-extends-too-much-and-my-core-goes-to-shit”-ups.

That weird leg popping-out/back extending movement is exactly what ruptured my disc back in February and left me a veritable cripple for months – I’m still bouncing back (as you well know).

So it’s tons and tons and tons of modifications for me. Michelle the Modifier and I have become the bestest of friends.

Sometimes I try a full tricep push-up on my toes, and I inevitably crumple to the floor, but I’ve learned to just laugh it off. At least I’m trying, and one day, I know I will try, and that time I’ll actually do it.

Today I attempted a full side plank, instead of relying on having one knee down. It did not go well. Cue laughter, crumpling, self-forgiveness, and a narrowly escaping yoga cat. But at least I tried.

I’m starting to see results, too. Not at the “good gracious it’s a miracle!” speed I’d like to see it at, but this journey is just as much about patience and small rewards as it is success and big goals.

Hoo-rah. Hoo-ray!

#PiYo well.