PiYo Day 10: Core

Remember yesterday when I was whining that I wanted a new workout?

Be careful what you wish for…

It’s funny how we’re five workouts in to the PiYo series now (if you count the introductory Alignment workout), and for every one of them I’ve been engaging my core like a champ, and yet it took us this long to get to the workout called “Core” – and with good reason.

If I don’t get abs after doing this workout, I don’t think they’re in there.

I think I need to resign myself to the idea that the first one or two times I do a new workout, it’s more of a “let me show you what you’ll be doing eventually” session where I have no chance of keeping up and spend more time looking at the screen and trying to absorb what’s happening as opposed to actually doing it.

And that’s perfectly okay.

Based on the breakthrough I had yesterday, I’m not frustrated today. Yes, of course I’m chomping at the bit and wishing I could keep up and move seamlessly between movements, maintaining perfect form and showing off my sculpted and perfect abs and glutes, but I’m not there yet.

And that’s perfectly okay.

I’ll get there. Chalene said it herself during the Core workout:

“It’s about progress. It’s about honoring yourself for what you’re doing to improve yourself.”

To me, honoring myself means letting myself take the time to learn the movements. Doing what I can without sacrificing form or alignment and telling myself that that’s enough. Reminding myself that if I practice, if I keep at it, I will get there.

And that’s perfectly okay.

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  1. July 17, 2014

    Hey Elizabeth!
    I've really been enjoying your PiYo series! I really admire your dedication to the program! Form is so important for this type of workout…I just don't have the patience (right now, at least) to get it right haha

    Anyway, hope you stick to it and enjoy doing it!


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