Gratituesdays: Pilot

{I’ve decided to start a (thinking optimistically) weekly feature here on my blog, called Gratituesdays.  I have a tendency to be a worse-case-scenario thinker, a worry-wart, an over-thinking mess.  I find myself falling into this icy trap of negative thinking much too often, and I’ve decided to make a change.  And what’s the opposite of negative thoughts?  Positive ones!  Out of the ice, into the Sun we go.  Gratituesdays is born – can you guess which day of the week it will post?  For this week, it’s posting on an odd day, because that’s where this pilot episode fit into the Fall lineup on the network that is Moi.  Ready?  Here goes nothing…}

1.  My dad’s digital camera. That’s right, I have been “borrowing” my dad’s camera for at least two years now, with the exception of a few times he needed a second camera for a photo or wedding shoot. I am very grateful for both my generous father and my dexterity, because I have yet to drop this valuable piece of equipment.

2.  Instagram.  A.k.a. My chosen avenue for communicating my undying love for my cats in photographic form.  Seriously, you all know way more about my cats’ daily lives that is necessary in order to keep up with this blog.  But Instagram is great.  Lovely, perfectly square pictures with all kinds of nifty filters which save me loads of Photoshopping time, plus the fact that they are easily accessible through Twitter.  So I guess I should also say that I’m grateful for my Twitter page.

3.  I have a husband that cooks.  I didn’t know this at first, but apparently this is not a common trait in husbands.  As a matter of fact, even as I write this, he’s just put the finishing touches on tonight’s dinner, allowing me valuable time to get some writing done.  He is my favorite in the whole whole world and I tell him so every day.

4.  The many hours of daylight this time of year.  Yes, I realize the days are already growing shorter, though it’s not even cold yet.  But at this point, I still have loads of light all day long in which to take great pictures.  There’s just nothing like natural light.

5.  Stacey Ballis.  She’s a real, published, actual author.  I read one of her books, Good Enough To Eat, a couple years ago, and fell in love with her writing.  It’s as if she’s in my head – all those thoughts we women have about food, body image, love, life, etc. – Stacey crafts it into funny and charming narrative.  I am grateful for her taking the time to tweet back and forth with me a bit lately, giving me advice about being a Writer.  Talking (tweeting?) with her gives me hope.

Now I want to know – what are you grateful for this week?  Tell me!  If anything, it will remind me of even more things to be happy about!

P.S. If all this positivity is making you reach for an insulin booster, I apologize.  I just prefer being happy over being sad.  Have a great day – and go take your insulin!