What a pain…

It was so perfect. I had a wonderful time at Joe’s uncle’s house celebrating the Brunetti Christmas on New Year’s Day. I was happy I could see Joe’s cousin Marisa and her fiancĂ© Adam in person to congratulate them on their engagement. I played a fast-paced card game with Joe’s nine-year-old nephew and, when frustrated, blurted out some curse words that he obligingly repeated many, many times. I even got over my fear of karaoke (sorry to anyone who was within a square mile of my squawking). I was delightfully tired (and perhaps a bit inebriated) on the ride home, and quickly fell asleep in the car.

By yesterday afternoon, however, my body had sent me a clear, undeniable message that it

did not approve of my drive-home napping position. It is now impossible for me to stand up straight without a searing pain emanating from my lower spine and wrapping around my back
like an unwelcome reversed cummerbund. Literally all day today, I’ve been either icing my lumbar region or laying belly up with my legs up on the couch. To put it mildly, I HURT.
To top things off, I’ve had to cancel my workout with Susan twice now due to my injury. She’s a great workout buddy, though, because instead of completely cancelling, she keeps rescheduling for a day later to “see how I’m feeling” then – my gut says she thinks I’m just flaking out on her. I only wish.