Sunny D

I was driving home at half past five on Friday when I realized that I was still wearing my sunglasses – this is, obviously, because the sun was still out. The reason I look forward to the winter solstice every year is because I know it means that not only are the great after-Christmas sales coming, but also that my favorite giant ball of hot gas will be sticking around a little longer each day.

I have been particularly aware this year of my tendency towards depression during the winter months. I spoke to a friend and she said I might have a touch of seasonal affective disorder (SAD – love the irony?). Our skin isn’t able to absorb nearly enough of its daily vitamin D from sunshine when the earth is rudely tilted away from the sun. She recommended I start taking a Vitamin D-3 supplement to see how it might improve my mood.

I took it as a well-timed sign from the wellness gods when I received an e-mail from the RealAge guys telling me all about the benefits of getting enough vitamin D. Long story short, vitamin D is like an overbearing mother – involved in every aspect of your functioning whether you like it or not; according to the article, “36 different organ tissues contain cells that respond to vitamin D.” Vitamin D isn’t that expensive, either. I was able to get a bottle of 100 softgels (each softgel was a dose of the daily recommended amount) for five bucks.

I’ve only been taking it for a couple of days now, but I can already feel a difference. Placebo effect? Maybe, but I don’t really care as long as it puts me in a good mood till the real stuff kicks in…