Let It Snow…

As I pulled into the dentist office this evening at 7:00, the sleet bouncing off of the hood of my car, I dared to hope: Will I actually get a snow day? One hour later, with enough novocaine in me to numb a sumo wrestler’s ass, the sleet had stopped, and my hopes for an extra day of Christmas preparation began to fade.

The one good thing about having no feeling in the bottom right side of your face? It’s impossible to eat too much! It took me almost an hour to eat a single bowl of the delicious curried beef and potato soup Joe made for dinner. I can’t wait until I have it tomorrow for lunch and am able to taste more than 50% of it!

Tomorrow is a workout morning with Susan. Snow day or not, I will wake up at 5:30 and make my way to Dad and Susan’s house, even if I have to buy a pair of those dangerous-looking spiked snow shoes to make my way up the treacherously iced driveway. Why? Because last Saturday Joe and I did the Turbo Sculpt workout of the Turbo Jam series, and I got THE FEELING.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

THE FEELING is that unbelievable kick you get when you complete a really intense, really-gonna-do-you-some-good-if-you-keep-it-up workout. That gradual buildup of euphoria that makes you feel so good and want so much to do the right thing for your body that you opt for carrot sticks instead of carrot cake. To be honest, I haven’t gotten THE FEELING like that in years, probably since crew. But I got it Saturday, and I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna get it as often as I can.

See you not-so-bright and early, Susan…