Here we go again…

So much for moderation…

I have successfully stuffed myself crazy with sugar, fat, and every other edible item under the Christmas tree for the past four days. We children of divorce with serious significant others typically have three or four Christmases to go to every year, complete with full turkey-with-all-the-fixins meals and all the calorie-laden drinks with which to wash them down. I’ve read all the magazine articles on “How Not to Go Overboard This Holiday Season” when you sit down to said meals, but I have yet to meet anyone who really follows that advice. Who in their right mind has the willpower to pass up food you only get twice a year (in very quick succession, I might add)?

The three weeks before this latest Christmas extravaganza, I worked out five days a week, ate extremely healthily (not counting the “tester” tastings of the chocolates we made for everyone this year), and as soon as December 24th rolled around, I hung up my metaphorical pink workout sneakers and strapped on the most extravagant, I’m-gonna-regret-charging-this-now-‘cuz-I’m-gonna-have-to-pay-for-it-later, “special” Christmas shoes and gorged myself on everything in sight with minimal calorie-compensating movement.

“It’s just once a year.” “You’ll get back on track as soon as the holidays are over.” I know this is true. I worked out yesterday and today just to prove it to myself. So why do I feel guilty? I have yet to mentally laminate my “Get Out Of Health Free” card for use during special occassions, or just because I really, really, really want that piece of cake or really, really, really want to sleep in instead of working out. It’s as if half of me turns on the laminating machine, ready to cut myself a break, and the other half quickly shuts it off, unplugs it, and hides it in the closet, hoping to prevent myself from falling down that slippery slope AGAIN.

I know there’s a happy medium somewhere. I guess I’m still looking for it.

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  1. December 30, 2008

    I certainly don’t follow the holiday moderation advice! I spent four days at home eating loads of cookies and cheesecake. I know that I never gorge on sweets like that during other times of the year and while it isn’t healthy to do at all (in such quantities…with no moderation), I will probably continue to splurge during the holidays year after year.

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